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No Trace Bags was not created for people to break the law. Possession of marijuana is illegal in many States. Do not break the law. No Trace Bags is a Canadian brand where marijuana is legal. The bag was created for users who have family and friends who hate the smell of marijuana. It is also for those who don’t want to be judged by non-users for choosing to use or for needing to use marijuana. 

Again, No Trace Bags is not to be used to break the law or hide illegal drugs from law enforcement.

“The Joey” bag – our smaller travel bag – is 4” x 6”. Our larger black bag with the combination lock, “The Kate”, is 8” x 11”. 

“The Joey” bag – 4” x 6”. “The Kate”, – 8” x 11”.


While you cannot replace the carbon lining, you can reactivate your smell proof bag by turning the bag inside out and using a blow dryer on it on low or  you can place it in the dryer on light heat for 10 minutes.  The other option is to put it out in the sunlight for 30 minutes or so and it will reactivate.  

DO NOT get the inside of your No Trace smell proof bag wet.
The carbon fiber lining is not waterproof. The best way to clean your bag is to take a damp cloth and wipe the outside of the bag. Let your bag air dry or if you want to reactivate your bag, place in a clothes dryer on light heat for 10 minutes.
First of all…this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN but accidents do happen and we try our best to mitigate things!
Should you ever receive a product that is damaged, or your shipment is missing a product altogether, please send an email to within two (2) weeks of delivery and our Community Support Team will assist you with replacing this item!
If you ordered your No Trace Bag through Amazon USA or Canada, please contact them for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and they will help you immediately! If they don’t…email the above and we will help you personally.
To expedite this process, please include a photo of the damaged product.

Amazon issues guidelines for precisely this type of situation. Some of them might seem obvious, but they’re still essential to tick off:

● Check the shipping address was correct on your order. 
● Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
● Check the vicinity of the delivery location.
● Check with your neighbors.
● Do you have Amazon Locker?
● Look in your letterbox; some deliveries use multiple carriers, including the regular postal service.
● Wait 36 hours. Sometimes packages may show as delivered while still in transit.
If 36 hours have passed and there is still no sign of your delivery, you need to contact Amazon directly. Log in to Amazon and go to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us.
You should see all your recent orders on the screen. Click on the order you’re having problems with, and scroll down the page. In the dropdown menu next to Select an issue, choose Where’s My Stuff. Then, in the menu next to Select issue details, choose Tracking shows delivered but item not received.
The site will give you the choice of reaching out via email, phone, or live chat. Amazon will investigate the case and ultimately issue a refund.

The default code is 0-0-0. Here is how to set your desired code:

1. Place dials at 0-0-0.
2. Press down the pin-sized reset button on top of the lock, until you hear a “click” sound.
3. Turn the dials to your desired code (for example, 1-2-3).
4. Push in the main button in direction of arrow (as if you were opening the lock).
5. You should hear a “click” sound again; now the reset button is back in place.
Your new code is now set.
You can re-set the combination using the same method used to originally set your code:
1. Place dials at your current combination (for example: 1-2-3).
2. Press the reset button on top of lock using a paperclip or thin object until you hear a “click” sound.
3. Turn the dials to your new desired combination.
4. Push the main button in as if you were going to open the lock.
5. You should hear another “click” sound, and the reset button will return to its original position.

No Trace Bags uses a five layer process that guarantees that smells do not escape the bag! 

Layer #1: PVC Backing
The first layer is a layer of polyester material with a PVC backing. 
Layer #2: Filterable Non-Woven Material
The second is a layer of filterable non-woven material. These two layers enclose the third layer which is ACTIVATED CARBON FABRIC.
Layer #3: Activated Carbon Charcoal
Activated carbon charcoal is treated for increased surface area. Carbon is extremely porous and chemically binds odor particles to its pores — making carbon lined bags highly effective at absorbing smells.
Think of an activated carbon filter as a vacuum that sucks up smell particles as air passes through. When odor molecules come into contact with the activated carbon, they are trapped and locked within the carbon pores.
Layer #4: Filterable Non-Woven Material
The fourth layer is another layer of filterable non-woven material and these four layers are protected with a layer of polyester mesh.
Layer #5: Polyester Mesh
No Trace Bags puts these five layers together and the result….SMELL PROOF GUARANTEED!
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